How to Play And Practice Tennis Alone?

Tennis is a very interesting sport where a wide field with a racket and an unmatched skill are the protagonists. The game consists of hitting the ball with the racket towards the other end of the court (going through a net), making the ball bounce twice or more in that place to get 1 point.

This sport can be played individually, with an opponent or even in pairs. There are a lot of rules that playing must keep in mind to know how to play tennis alone, double or in pairs, respectively.

Playing this sport gives us an unparalleled ability, a physical-mental peace, and a time of distraction for our busy day. Tennis for many people is a sport that goes beyond, becoming their lifestyle.

Why Do You Need to Play Tennis Alone?

Practice Tennis AloneIf you are learning this sport, it is advisable to start alone, either against a wall that works for our rebounds, like a throwing machine that gives us that ease of practicing it.

If you want to know how to practice tennis alone, it is also advisable to go to centers where they practice it and see the large number of skills that their amateur players apply on the playing field, learn their rules to the letter to be 100% informed of this great sport.

Tennis is good for all ages, exercises and stretches all our joints, strengthens us mentally, and creates a unique physical ability. At the world level, there are many admirers and practitioners of this sport.

Tennis also gives us good body-eye coordination, in addition to being an aerobic and very dynamic speed exercise; it raises our energy to the highest level.

Flexibility is another benefit that is obtained when playing tennis constantly, of course, it is necessary to warm the body before starting this sport to avoid injuries, but on the playing field, stretching and maneuvering to hit the ball must greatly improve our flexibility. See more sports guides here.

5 Best Ways to Train Tennis Solo

Tennis can be practiced in several ways. Among the most popular is solo that serves to accustom the body in these conditions, improve our coordination and other things that would be better learned alone.

However, there are ways to train individually, among which there is:

  1. Practice Using a Ball Machine

This form of training is widely used in tennis courts or outdoors with the simple fact of hitting the ball, although it is recommended that it be on the court so you adapt to the distance and force that you must apply to cross the net and achieve 1 point.

If you are a person who wants to join this sport but does not have or with whom to practice it or does not want to do it with anyone, I recommend this easy, effective and affordable way in a club or tennis court that has one of these brilliant Machines.

  1. Wall or Backboard on your Garage

Any solid surface that is in an upright position such as a wall, garage entrance, etc., is enough to practice this sport, the only objective of this wall is to return your ball and thus maintain a constant bounce-hit until it runs out.

This way of practicing is very good if you already have some days practicing tennis and you are so excited that you want to play at all times, you have to look for a smooth wall in your home and motivate yourself to play there.

  1. Practice Your Tennis Serve Alone

The reasons why you should practice your tennis service or entrance is only to avoid mistakes when playing against someone, knowing what strength and distance to apply from the finish line to the middle of the court to cross the net that you separate from 1 point on the marker.

The practice of the service is vital for a good player in this sport; it is compared with a service of games such as volleyball, soccer, among others.

  1. Practice Your Footwork Skills

Another reason why you should practice tennis is only to improve your skills, stretching, and hand-body coordination that each player needs. It is important to have good coordination to develop yourself in a better way on the playing field.

The skills required for this sport are being able to resist the entire game, so it requires good breathing, total flexibility, and good physical condition for all your potential until they announce a winner.

  1. Develop Your Stamina

To practice tennis, you must develop your resistance in the field so that it will require a lot of practice, but if it succeeds. Resistance is mandatory for this sport; you should try not to try harder than your body can.

The ways to develop the resistance required for tennis are to have a slow and calm breath, not to make sudden and unnecessary movements in the field.

You must train with greater intensity to maintain a heart rate between 60 and 90% of what your heart limit considers.

Streamlining your footsteps is also recommended for this sport, you must perform exercises called “spider drills” or spider drill, it is ideal for your physical development required for tennis.

You should strengthen your legs for better flexibility in the field, legs and arms are the most important thing in tennis.

Tennis is a game of strengthening and endurance; the idea of ​​this sport is always to remain persistent and never give up. Already with a while applying the various exercises and skill development, you will notice huge differences in the field, as well as improve your defense and attack game.

Benefits of Practicing Tennis Alone

The benefits you can get when playing tennis alone are greater hand-eye-body coordination and strengthening of your leg and arm muscles.

Tennis also works to calm us mentally, help us maintain inner peace and greater control of our emotions, thoughts, among others.

It improves our bone strength, strengthens our bones, helping to fight osteoporosis.

It helps us to burn fat and improve our cardiovascular capacity, giving us greater energy and improvement of our aerobic capacity in general.

It improves our anaerobic capacity and helps our body to resist high intensity for short periods, so we can maintain more and more explosive actions.

Tennis greatly improves our balance by maintaining the pace of running-pause-running.

Tennis not only brings us physical but also psychological benefits, so it is highly recommended for all ages, among them we have:

Learn to work under pressure and take into account that if we lose or win, it will be defined by oneself, so we are completely responsible for our success or failure.

Tennis teaches us the value of respect that we must maintain for referees, opponents, coaches, among others.

It helps us maintain nutritional habits, so we must feed ourselves well before and after each match, competition or confrontation.

It is a sport that helps us to be persistent.

Disadvantages of Practicing Tennis Alone

The disadvantages of how to practice tennis alone are many, either because of a malapráctica and of not knowing how to act under pressure or for not knowing how to adapt to the opponent concerning his ability.

The big difference between playing tennis to be against someone is that the individual game is very predictable, so it may be boring for many as you can have fun and love for others.

Playing tennis against someone is very common and requires a certain instinct and study of the actions and movements of your opponent to beat him. Couples tennis is even more difficult because of the coordination you have to take with your partner and know when to hit the ball and when not.

Another significant disadvantage in solo tennis is that it does not have as much popularity as a double play or a versus.

Many games have been created to play alone, for example, golf is an individual game, although it makes it much more interesting when it has a rival.

The rivalry in the game, demonstrating who is better of the two is very attractive to all, it also creates a certain environment of indescribable competitiveness, many testify that it is more fun and healthy for interpersonal relationships off the court.

Psychologically, solo tennis can be harmful to our minds; it makes us more lonely, conceited, and without a hint of empathy towards our partners.


Solo tennis is ideal for those people who are starting this sport so it helps them to progress rapidly in their abilities, balance, flexibility, endurance, among others, but beyond there, it can be bad for our game, body and soul so It is highly recommended to play accompanied.

Tennis is a very extensive sport; it carries a certain amount of rules that must continue to create an environment of responsibility. Because it is an individual game in most competitions, winning or losing will depend only on us, so the effort is personal.

Not only does tennis create a safe place full of values, but it brings great benefits to our lives; it helps us stay more flexible, more active, more connected to our body and each one of our actions.

Tennis is a sport that can fight osteoporosis; scientifically, it is known that practitioners to this game strengthen their bones constantly so it is a natural medicine to prevent this type of degenerative disease.

The only disadvantage that declines in how to practice tennis is only that it creates a loss of empathy and even a bad prospect of predicting the actions of our opponent.

It is advisable to play individual tennis for the improvement of skills, learn the rules and coordination, beyond that it is preferable to practice it with an opponent or partner who can give us that practice that we will not learn alone.

Tennis has been practiced a lot over the years; some people take it not only as a sport but as a lifestyle for the great physical and interpersonal benefits that were mentioned throughout the article.

I invite you to practice this sport and have fun in every sense of the word, every sport is important for our life and tennis is not far behind, it is a 100% complete exercise and perhaps very difficult to learn at the beginning, but with the step of time, you will see significant differences.

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